You Set Me Free

The roads I’ve traveled
So long and winding
And painful
Have worn my heart out
And crowded my mind
With endless doubt
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How Do You Say Goodbye

When you find a love so perfect
One that you’re sure is meant to be
One that fills all your senses
And makes you feel complete
One that brings contentment,
Peace, hope and joy, too
How do you say goodbye
To the other half of you?
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I Am Lost

I am breathless
I am lifeless
I am lost in my own skin
My days know no beginning
Nor do they know an end
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It’s You

It’s you I turn to
when my heart needs a hug;
It’s you I look to
when my worlds come undone;
It’s you I can count on
to lend me strength when I have none.
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I Love You and Need You

When you pull me close, when you wrap your arms around me
You make me feel like the most important person in your life
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