Love To Love You

I’d love to hold you close
for tonight and always

I’d love to wake up next to you
for the rest of my days
Continue reading Love To Love You


I’ve made a million wishes
That one day, I’d find true love
And now that you’re here
It all still seems a little surreal Continue reading Grateful

Falling In Love Was Easy

Falling in love with you was easy
Everything about you
Your smile, your kindness
Your caring heart
Eased any doubts I had, not about you
But about love and giving my heart away Continue reading Falling In Love Was Easy

Could Be Love

It’s a scary feeling
To need you the way I do
Without ever touching you Continue reading Could Be Love

At Last

I love that each day
I wake up to a world that has you in it
And that I’ve been blessed
With a life that took a path
That lead me straight to you Continue reading At Last

As Much As I Love You

I never knew that I could love anyone
As much as I love you
I never knew I had it in me
to give myself away like this Continue reading As Much As I Love You

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