The Day You Came Into My Life

The day you came into my life
everything changed;
you brought happiness,
you brought hope,
you brought contentment.
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You Make Me Whole

You bring out the best in me
You make me whole
You make me see
The world the way it should be Continue reading You Make Me Whole

What You Do To My Heart

I want to hold you in my arms
Close enough to make you feel
What you do to my heart
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It’s You

It’s you I turn to
when my heart needs a hug;
It’s you I look to
when my worlds come undone;
It’s you I can count on
to lend me strength when I have none.
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I’ll Love You Forever

I can’t define it
I can’t deny it
These feelings I have
Some would call it love
But it’s much more than that Continue reading I’ll Love You Forever

Falling In Love Was Easy

Falling in love with you was easy
Everything about you
Your smile, your kindness
Your caring heart
Eased any doubts I had, not about you
But about love and giving my heart away Continue reading Falling In Love Was Easy

Amazing and Inspiring Love

Looking back on all our years together
It is amazing and inspiring
To realize how far we’ve come
How close we’ve grown
The tough times we’ve endured
And happy times we’ve shared Continue reading Amazing and Inspiring Love

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