A Million Thanks

A tear or two you’ve dried
A hug or two you’ve shared
A time or two you’ve listened
So many ways you’ve cared.
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What I’ll Be

A friend wears a smile
When the world wears a frown.

A friend will lend a hand
To help when you’re down.
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Why We’re Friends

We are not friends because we look the same
Or because we always think alike
We are not friends because our hair is the same length
Or because we share the same eyes
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The Key To Friendship

The key to friendship
Is not in the hand you hold
But how you hold the hand

It’s not in the tears you dry
But all the reasons why
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Priceless Friend

Whenever I stumble
Whenever I fall
Whenever I need a friend
You always answer my call
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My Friend

I must tell you this
From within my heart
I care for you deeply
And admire who you are
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Friendship Is A Place

Friendship is a place
Where we feel at home
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