We Can Find Love Again

Once upon a time
my heart fell in love
and it wasn’t ordinary
everyday, simple love

It was the need you,
want you, can’t be without
you kind of love

I would smile for hours
so thankful that I found you
So sure and so positive you
were exactly where I was meant to be

And I couldn’t imagine
that a day or time would ever
come and change everything
about our life and love
But it did

Years and time, trials and troubles
have taken us on a rollercoaster
that sometimes didn’t seem to end
and before we knew it our hearts were tired

So tired and worn out from all we had seen,
all we had been through and all we’d experienced
and love somehow turned into comfort
the comfort of knowing someone was there

But those feelings of excitement
and passion somehow faded along the way
and now we’re left wondering just
where it all went

I believe we can find love again
because love is where it all began
and once upon a time
you were all my dreams come true

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