Work Of Art

Thanking you
For the kindness
That lives inside your heart.
You are a friend that’s treasured
You are truly a work of art.
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A Million Thanks

A tear or two you’ve dried
A hug or two you’ve shared
A time or two you’ve listened
So many ways you’ve cared.
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A Wonderful Person

You are a wonderfully, giving,
person inside and out;
A thoughtful, treasured,
friend without a doubt.
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Today and Everyday

If I could be so honest
For just a minute or two
I have something special
I’d like to share with you

I want to let you know
Right from my very heart
How much I am thankful
For the wonderful friend you are
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Thank You My Friend

When life is overwhelming
And worries consume my days
When uncertainty turns to fear
And dreams beginning to fade
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I Thank You

Often I tell you how deeply I love you,
though I don’t tell you often enough
how thankful I am for you
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I Can Count On You

I know that I can always count on you
To be there when I need someone
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