Look To God

When your heart is tired
And your soul is weak
Look to God
He’ll help you see
That life has reason
And life has rhyme
Though we don’t see it
All of the time

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God Will

God will
Be your friend
When you’re feeling sad and low
God will dry your eyes
And softly remind you
That he loves you so
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Heaven Is

Heaven is a wonderland
Where angels dance and play
And laughter and happiness
Are the music of the day
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Blessed By An Angel

When the day gets off to a happy start
and you have so much to give
from the bottom of your heart

When your world is filled with
friends who truly care
and all your dreams come true
because you took a dare
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For You My Friend

For you my friend
I wish you’ll always have strength
And God on your side Continue reading For You My Friend

Don’t Know Where I’d Be

You were there when I needed
An extra special friend
God must have been watching Continue reading Don’t Know Where I’d Be

Dear Sweet Friend

You are a dear sweet friend
One that I adore
You’re there when I need you Continue reading Dear Sweet Friend

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