I Will Wait a Lifetime for You

You hide behind your feelings
and keep the truth locked away,
but there is so much said
in the things you don’t say
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There Are Times

There are times
when I feel your presence
at my side Continue reading There Are Times

I Will Always Love You

Every now and then
My heart wanders back in time
and all those old feelings
awaken the memories in my mind Continue reading I Will Always Love You

I Miss You

I miss you

I miss the hours we would spend talking,
being open and honest and free
I miss how my heart would breath a sigh of
relief because you brought me peace Continue reading I Miss You

I Imagine You

I can feel your smile
rest upon my face
And I can feel the warmth
and gentleness of your embrace Continue reading I Imagine You

I Cry

I’ve got a picture of you tucked away
And whenever I miss you
When I need to see your face
I pull out your photograph
And I take a trip down memory lane
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Tell Me You Love Me

Tell me it’s not really over
Tell me we didn’t just say goodbye
Tell me we can begin again
Tell me we’re worth one last try
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