The Greatest Gift

When I take a moment to reflect
On our relationship
I realize how I am truly blessed
With the greatest gift there is;
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The Moment When

I yearn to be right there,
Right next to you,
To feel you next to me too,
And to know that you’re real.
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Three Little Words

Sometimes, what we share,
seems like a perfect dream.
It seems as if heaven is smiling down on us,
and nothing could ever go wrong.
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We’ll Be Okay

Things have not been easy for us lately
But I’m proud of us for holding on
For working together to make it through this
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What Did I Ever Do?

Sometimes, I ask myself
“How on earth did I ever get so lucky?”
You are such a wonderful person,
And at times it’s almost unbelievable
That you love me the way that you do.
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You Make Me Whole

You bring out the best in me
You make me whole
You make me see
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You Make Me Happy

You make me happy
You fill my world with hope
You’ve changed my life
In ways you’ll never know
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