What’s Important To Me

For all the days of my life
I will cherish you,
I will treasure you,
I will honor and be good to you too.
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I’m Happy

I’m happy to be sharing
This day with you
Laughing and living
Caring and giving
Doing the things
That people in love often do
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I Love You Because

I love you because
you allow me to be myself
and you still love me;
Because we can talk about anything
and laugh about silly things
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I’ll Love You Til Forever

I love the way your smile
Puts a smile in my heart

I love the way your touch
Brings me warmth

I love the way your laughter
Brings joy to my soul
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You Feel Like Home To Me

You feel like home to me;
The warm and gentle comfort,
Of all familiar things

You feel like home to me;
A safe and peaceful place,
Where I can relax and be free
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I Still Love You

When I look back at how we began;
the laughter and love that we shared,
I smile at all the ways we loved and we dared
to dream of a wonderful future together
and how we promised this was forever
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I Promise

You light up my world,
And make me forget all my fears,
Your laughter brightens up my days,
And chases away all my tears.
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