Your Smile

When the day has been long
and the troubles last into the night
All you’ve gotta do is smile
and everything is suddenly alright Continue reading Your Smile

I Will Always Love You

Every now and then
My heart wanders back in time
and all those old feelings
awaken the memories in my mind Continue reading I Will Always Love You

You and Me

You and me
we’ve been through everything
We’ve stood the test of time
We’ve weathered every storm Continue reading You and Me

We Can Find Love Again

Once upon a time
my heart fell in love
and it wasn’t ordinary
everyday, simple love Continue reading We Can Find Love Again

I Miss You

I miss you

I miss the hours we would spend talking,
being open and honest and free
I miss how my heart would breath a sigh of
relief because you brought me peace Continue reading I Miss You

I Imagine You

I can feel your smile
rest upon my face
And I can feel the warmth
and gentleness of your embrace Continue reading I Imagine You

I Love You More Everyday

I love you
With all my heart
And this will never change
Continue reading I Love You More Everyday

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