I Imagine You

I can feel your smile
rest upon my face
And I can feel the warmth
and gentleness of your embrace Continue reading I Imagine You

Memories In My Mind

Though miles come between us
And distance keeps us apart
Nothing can ever change
The love inside my heart
Continue reading Memories In My Mind

I Have Everything

I don’t need to see you to love you
I only need to know you’re there;
I don’t need to feel you
To have you touch my heart
I only need to know you care Continue reading I Have Everything

From Where You Are

From where you are
You have the power to touch my heart
You’ve reached a place deep inside
No one else could ever find Continue reading From Where You Are

A Time For Us

Just like the sun goes down at night
Just like the moon and stars come out
To light up the sky Continue reading A Time For Us

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