What I’ll Be

A friend wears a smile
When the world wears a frown.

A friend will lend a hand
To help when you’re down.
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Why We’re Friends

We are not friends because we look the same
Or because we always think alike
We are not friends because our hair is the same length
Or because we share the same eyes
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Lifelong Friend

From the moment we met
I knew you’d become
A lifelong friend;
A special chum
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Gift Of Friendship

How blessed we are
To have this invaluable gift
Of a long-lasting friendship Continue reading Gift Of Friendship

Friendship’s Road

Friendships road
Is winding and long
Leading us places, Continue reading Friendship’s Road

Everyday Friends

We talk about the little things
In life that change from day to day
We take a moment here or there Continue reading Everyday Friends

Dear Sweet Friend

You are a dear sweet friend
One that I adore
You’re there when I need you Continue reading Dear Sweet Friend

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