What I’ll Be

A friend wears a smile
When the world wears a frown.

A friend will lend a hand
To help when you’re down.
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Why We’re Friends

We are not friends because we look the same
Or because we always think alike
We are not friends because our hair is the same length
Or because we share the same eyes
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You Are My Friend

You hear my worries,
You hear my fears,

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You’ve Got A Friend

When you’re feeling stuck,
And don’t know what to do,
Remember you’ve got a friend right here,
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There For Me

When days are gloomy
And the sun doesn’t shine
You always find a way
To make everything feel bright
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I Wish You Happiness

I wish you a lifetime of love
Happiness that never ends
Songs of laughter
Warmth of family and friends
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May Blessings Be Many

Life is so short
Precious and fragile too
Each day is a gift
That’s been given to you
And I hope that each one is blessed
With love and good times
Smiles and happiness
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