Dreame Come True Birthday

You’re a wonderful person
and a special friend
You deserve all the best
that life has to give. Continue reading Dreame Come True Birthday

Birthday Wishes and Dreams

I’m wishing you a Birthday far better than the rest.
Someone as special as you deserves the very best. Continue reading Birthday Wishes and Dreams

Special Birthday Wish

When I think of what I wish for you
On your birthday
So many things come to mind. Continue reading Special Birthday Wish

Special Birthday

What’s so special about a birthday?
Is it the age?
The surprises and gifts?
The laughing and celebrating
with family and friends? Continue reading Special Birthday

Happy Happy Birthday

Have a million smiles today
Let your heart be filled with love
Chase all your cares away
Have a little fun

Dance to your favorite music
Sing your favorite tune
Laugh with all your heart,
Share a silly joke or two

Have a Happy Happy Birthday
No matter what you do!

Sisters and Friends

We’ve shared many moments
laughing and talking
Not just as sisters,
but as friends too. Continue reading Sisters and Friends

Celebrate Your Birthday

Put on the biggest happy face
Smile everywhere you go
Eat a giant slice of cake Continue reading Celebrate Your Birthday

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