Heaven Is

Heaven is a wonderland
Where angels dance and play
And laughter and happiness
Are the music of the day
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Blessed By An Angel

When the day gets off to a happy start
and you have so much to give
from the bottom of your heart

When your world is filled with
friends who truly care
and all your dreams come true
because you took a dare
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Angels Are Watching

Angels are watching in all that we do
They see the sadness in our hearts
The happiness, love and hatred too
They know what we’re feeling
What goes through our minds
They know us better than friends
We’ve had all our lives
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Angels Are Always There

Did you ever feel a tiny raindrop
trickle down from the sky
and land upon your cheek
when there is no rain in sight,
and wonder where it came from
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A Wish For You

I made a wish for you
Upon the brightest star Continue reading A Wish For You

Angel Without Wings

Our friends are Angels;
so precious and priceless,
and cherished too, Continue reading Angel Without Wings

A Friend Is An Angel

A friend is an angel
that carries us through
the toughest of times,
and the happiest too. Continue reading A Friend Is An Angel

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